6 Kitchen Remodeling Trends that are Blossoming in Florida

The Florida lifestyle is much more laid-back, congenial, and slow-paced than that seen in other parts of the nation. That’s perhaps the biggest reason (apart from the climate) why so many Americans choose to live, retire, and/or own property in the Sunshine State. And this way of life is reflected in Florida homes as well.

Take kitchens, for example. In Florida, these rooms tend to be open concept to allow for interaction between cooks and families or guests. They take advantage of the Florida sunshine by using natural light to illuminate the space. And the amenities in a Florida kitchen are designed to make meal preparations simpler and faster.

Open concept + natural light = beautiful kitchen.

If the kitchen in your home isn’t like this, and you’re thinking about doing a little kitchen remodeling in order to update it, here are a half dozen trends that are commonly seen throughout Florida:

New countertops

Laminate is no longer adequate for most homeowners in their kitchens. So if you wish to replace your countertops, granite is always an attractive, viable option. But these days, many people are opting for quartz composites like Caesarstone or Silestone because they are more durable and need less maintenance than their granite counterparts.

High-end appliances

For the majority of homeowners who are updating their kitchen equipment, stainless steel is still the most popular style choice. Some of these appliances like stoves or ovens are even commercial grade for chefs who want to create culinary masterpieces. And most products are more environmentally-friendly than the appliances of old.

No more double sinks

In 2014, the hot new kitchen item is the single, deep-bowl sink instead of the traditional dual-chamber model. It takes up less counterspace while allowing enough room for deep pots, baking pans, or large kitchen utensils. Stainless steel or quartz are the two top surface choices.

Note the contemporary look and the deep-bowl sink.

Clean, modern facades

An easy way to update your kitchen is to reface or install new cabinetry. Today’s trends favor clean sleek, contemporary looks instead of woodwork with snazzy details or clutter. Even changing the pulls, knobs, and handles on your cabinets can make a huge difference.

Decorative backsplashes.

Homeowners are expressing themselves through their kitchen backsplashes. Glass or subway tiles in a variety of shapes and patterns are available to provide the perfect accent to the counter area. Some artistic folks prefer a multicolored mosaic tiled backsplash as a conversation piece.

The backsplash adds the perfect touch to this kitchen.

Hardwood floors

In Florida, you don’t want a carpeted kitchen because the high humidity and flooding probabilities can lead to mold and mildew fairly easily. Modern kitchens are now being outfitted with hardwood floors that are sealed to repel moisture, or water-resistant laminate flooring to give the appearance of hardwoods.


If you plan on embarking upon a major kitchen remodeling project, make sure that you choose a contractor that is experienced and trustworthy. Esterline Construction has been exceeding customer expectations in Florida for well over a decade. Our staff is dedicated to providing superior customer service, using only high-quality products, and doing the job right the first time. To find out more about Esterline Construction can make your vision a reality, contact us or give us a call at (813) 752–3300.

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